76 Shrink Rap
Kelsey Grammer's not a doctor, but he plays one on TV. Frasier Crane first walked into Cheers in 1984, and stepped into our lives as well. Now the star of an eponymous sitcom, Frasier remains entrenched in our col-lective consciousness. Between his angst-ridden barroom rants then, and overeducated psychobabble across the Seattle airwaves now, we've come to know Frasier inside and out. But how well do we know Kelsey? Michael Malone learns a lesson in Grammer. Photos by Jeff Katz.

60 You've Got Ale
If there's anything Germans are known for, it's being prompt, wearing lederhosen, adoring David Hasselhoff, and brewing the best damn beer in the world. An American attaining the title of "Brewmaster" in Germany is the equivalent of a guy named Dieter unseating one named Jeter as New York Yankees shortstop. But Eric Toft, Head Brewmaster at Schonram in Bavaria, has pulled it off. Mark Toft hoists a few tankards with his brother.
66 Diamonds in the Rough
Using rolled up socks for balls and sugar cane as bats, the youth of Latin America will not let poverty deny them a game of baseball. With visions of Sammy Sosa dancing in their heads, they take their positions in the dusty fields, hoping to be the next one to make it. And Major League Baseball is getting wise; each pro club regularly scouts the Latin American nations for the next big star. Indeed, this part of the world exports more than just cigars. Paul Gutierrez examines the pipeline.
70 The Dominican Way
Manolo Quesada, president of MATASA, is a stickler for perfection. From the paintings that adorn his Santiago office to the cigars his company cranks out, everything must meet Quesada's demanding standards. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding; light up a Cubita or a Fonseca, and find out for yourself. Mike Jessee roams the fields with Quesada, and also visits the cigar factories of the Dominican Republic to assess the post-boom state of the Dominican cigar industry.

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