She’s played a gun-toting, cigar-smoking mercenary in “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.;” a demonic seductress in Spawn; an Amazon warrior in “Xena;” and, famously, the dominatrix Lady Heather in “C.S.I.” Currently, Orange County native Melinda Clarke is returning regularly to her roots, portraying the scheming socialite mom Julie Cooper on Fox’s hit “The O.C.” This professional bad girl’s secret? She’s really just a happy wife and mother who appreciates lounging around in pajamas. Fortunately for the red-blooded male portion of her audience, she also enjoys dressing up in the occasional tight leather costume... all in a day’s work, of course.
By Joan Tarshis; Cover Photo by Giuliano Bekor


50 Fish Tale
Each year, the Glenmorangie Lodge in the quaint village of Starlight, Pennsylvania lures anglers from all over the country to fly-fish for the elusive rainbow and brown trout of the Delaware River. And after a long day of casting flies, this North American retreat built by one of Scotland’s most renowned single malt distilleries offers the perfect atmosphere in which to sit back with a dram of the house whisky and a fine cigar.
By John Frederick Walker
58 Sowing the Seeds of Controversy
Corojo and Criollo are the popular “new” wrapper leaves cropping up on cigars from far and wide. Actually, both strains have their origins in Cuba’s famed tobacco growing regions, and their journey to the top of the U.S. cigar market is a fascinating story involving tobacco diseases, crossbreeding, smuggling, and the often conflicting visions of the cigar industry’s boldest pioneers. We trace Cuba’s sister seeds from the farms of the Vuelta Abajo to the rolling rooms of Central America and beyond.
By Mark Bernardo
62 Speed Thrift
You don’t have to drop six figures on a Maserati or Porsche to satisfy your need for road-scorching speed and high-performance horsepower. The Subary Impreza WRX Sti, Volkswagen R32, and Audi S4 Quattro are among the affordable, reliable choices for drivers looking for mean machines on a lean budget. If you’re in a more exclusive tax bracket, these are the cars to get you from point A to point B while the precious Italian import is pampered in the garage.
By Robert Farago

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