48 Dennis Rodman at Halftime
Two-time Defensive Player of the Year, five-time All-Star, seven-time Rebounding Champion, and member of five NBA Championship teams, controversial hoopster Dennis Rodman has become as well-known for his outrageous off-court antics as for his athletic accomplishments. But the days of boozing, fighting, strip-club videos, bridal gown stunts, and quickie marriages seem to be in the past for the now clean-and-sober superstar, replaced by a new wife, new business enterprises, and a disciplined dedication to return once more to basketball’s big leagues. The Worm still enjoys a good party, however, and especially savors the illicit indulgence of a Cuban Montecristo “A.”
By Rick Shaw
Photos by Eric Williams


42 Motown Smokedown
Founded on automaking, industrial ingenuity, and legendary music, and later infamous for race riots, urban decay, and one high-profile basketbrawl, today’s Detroit is emerging as one of America’s most transformed cities. And with a statewide smoking ban recently going down to defeat in the legislature, it’s still a town that’s chock full of cigar-friendly restaurants, clubs, and bars, and dealers for both city dwellers and suburbanites.
By Mark Bernardo
Photos by Fabrizio Costantini
54 Making the Band
The first “golden age” of cigar band art was between 1900 and the start of World War I. The second one just may be happening right now. As the cigar boom raised the profile of premium cigars in America, it also upped the ante for the people who design their packaging, inspiring bursts of creativity that revisited retro styles (à la Maria Guerrero and La Vieja Habana) and broke industry taboos (à la Helix’s shocking blue and Bahia’s airbrushed orange). We explore the often-surprising origins of the cigar world’s most popular bands and list 20 of our favorites.
By Mark Bernardo
58 Double-O Heaven
For vacationers to whom lying on a beach is too tame, and for shooting enthusiasts to whom firing at a stationary target is too “been-there-done-that,” there’s a resort in the Rocky Mountains that has the answer to your prayers. The Valhalla Shooting Club at Colorado’s Elk Mountain Resort offers a fully-interactive adventure experience where weekend warriors can live out their James Bond fantasies using real guns and ammo against a host of simulated threats - and finish the day unwinding with a martini and a good cigar.
By Richard Carleton Hacker

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