44 Boreanaz has a bone to pick with SMOKE
David Boreanaz was introduced to the world as a vampire who fought for humanity in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, now he’s an FBI agent fighting for justice on Bones. David raps with Smoke on success and his very dedicated fanbase.
Story by Evan Dashevsky, photos by John Russo/The Brooks Institute


40 Phoenix is Smokin’
Phoenix is a desert city where temperatures routinely pass the century mark. If you’ve made it through the day without melting into a human puddle, you, my friend, deserve a cigar. A survey of the smokey oasis.
By Jeff Bolton
50 Dominican Cigar Immersion
An education in cigars, three days in the Caribbean: a peek at the Dominican Republic’s first-ever ProCigar Festival.
By Evan Dashevsky
52 Keeping Current with Tabacalera Turrent
A look at the Mexican cigar institution. Where’s it been? Where’s it going?
Story and photos by William Kaliher
58 Examine Your Zippo
Zippo is the name Americans turn to when Americans want to light stuff on fire. A look at the history and future of the lighter that lasts a lifetime.
Story and photos by Richard Lucas
62 The Art of the Car Auction
Nothing impresses women more than an expensive collector car—except, of course, the men who have the spare money to spend on expensive collector cars. Learn how to get the most bang for your buck.
By Jeff Bolton

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