46 Super Mario
Mario Andretti is the most successful American driver in the history of the sport. He speaks with Smoke about his legacy, the accident late in his career that almost took him out, and his new venture as cigar-maker with his own Andretti line of cigars.
By Evan Dashevsky, Photos by Benjamin V. Brignola


42 Smoke City: Cigars on the High Seas
Feeling it was high time to get to sea as soon as he could, Michael Barclay finds his sea-legs and escapes terra firma to find the last vacation that welcomes cigars... providing you follow his explicit advice.
By Michael Barclay
50 SOME cigars are always greener
Candelas, the cigars that jumped into “the green movement” long before it was fashionable, peaked in popularity years ago, but a surprising array of choices exist again and the strange tale of these odd smokes continues.
By Loy Glenn Westfall
54 Cracking the California Nut
Go bravely deep undercover into the mysterious land known as “California.” The mission: to learn about the inhabitants and customs of this strange place governed by a cyborg from the future, where cigars in the park are often prohibited but citizens fight for legalized drugs.
By Jeff Bolton
58 Brazil’s Dark Secret
A visit to Brazil’s Mata Fina region where the country’s renowned dark leaf is born reveals a tobacco history spanning five centuries. Yet the premium cigar industry seems to have barely embraced its riches.
By Tarek Mourad
62 Do you Feel Like Neal Does?
Romeo y Julieta loving Neal McDonough talks about how to thrive in Hollywood with a strong work ethic, and a little bit of that East Coast class.
By Max Gartman

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