Spring 1996
Volume I
Issue 2

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All Fired Up (picture)
Correspondant Alysse Minkoff chats with Tom Arnold: cigar smoker, actor, and all around nice guy. Photographs by Jeff Katz.


Born in the U.S.A.
In our continuing series on cigar manufacturers in the United States, Bob Ashley checks out Los Angeles native, La Plata Cigars, and finds out what's smokin'.

Smoke Pictorial: White Gold
Photographer Ricki Rosen ventures to Turkey, capturing the art and allure of the beautiful Meerschaum pipe.

Feeling Right at Holmes
It's no mystery that Holmes enjoyed a good pipe. But cigars? Skip Boyer 's look at the world's most famous detective will have you exclaiming "No shit, Sherlock!" Photographs by William Nash.

The Cigar Capital of the World (article)
Beverly Hills or London? Editor-in-Chief Aaron Sigmond checks out the places and faces that have made these cities among the most cigar-friendly in the world. Photography by Gahan Wilson.

Rock Hard
The Hard rock Cafe is bigger than ever. Correspondant Chris Rubin finds out how Peter Morton turned a trendy burger joint into an international phenomenon.

Alternative Smokes
Over 90% of European cigar lovers smoke them. With all the attention focused on hand-rolled cigars, SMOKE's Executive Editor, Alyson R. Boxman takes a look at smaller, quicker alternatives.

Getting Wise to Size
Is bigger always better when it comes to cigars? Richard Carleton Hacker explains the theory behind the size enigma.

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