Spring 1997
Volume II
Issue 2

126 All About Elie
Entrepreneur, restauranteur, and high fashion covergirl, Elle Macpherson is now making a successful run at the Silver Screen. Ian Spelling interviews our favorite Aussie-born star. Photos by Andrew Macpherson.

68 SMOKE America: Nueva Jersey Smokes
Bob Ashley travels down thefabled New Jersey Turnpike to Boquilla Cigar Co.

78 SMOKE Pictorial: Marrakesh Express
Rock the Kasbah as Aaron Sigmond prowls the sights, sounds, and smells in Marrakesh.

84 First Amendment Extremism
Jim Mauro interviews the Prince of Porn and publisher of the first cigar mag, Al Goldstein.

92 Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting
Filmographer Stefan Hammond explains why HK-styled flicks are the genre du jour.

107 The Great White North
Laura Pratt prowls the cigar scene beyond the border in Toronto.

138 Varsity Cigars
Sean T. Barry looks into the rise in popularity of cigars on campus.

152 It's a Family Affair
Chris Rubin gets the skinny on the Mondavi family - the First Family of enophilia.

160 Civil War Stogies
Greg Delev explains how three lost cigars changed history forever.

176 Hecho a Fake-o
Gillian Walker uncovers Havana hijinks in the jewel in the Antilles.

182 Chocolate City
Kate Jackson explores chocolate's rich history and origin.

190 Canary Islands Adventure
Daniel Mickelsen takes you on a journey of the cigar manufacturers in the Canaries.

200 Burn, Baby, Burn
More tips from Dr. Adrian Bartoli in this issue's Components of Fire.

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