Spring 99
Volume IV
Issue 2

102 Dennis, Anyone?
Compared to Detective Andy Sipowicz, who he plays on "NYPD Blue," there's little menace to Dennis Franz - this Chicago boy would much rather spark up a Fuente and watch the Cubs than pound perps into submission. Sipowicz is the 28th cop Franz has played, and it looks like this true blue actor is home at last. Michael Malone spends time in the interrogation room with Dennis Franz. Photographs by Jeff Katz.

80 Costume Foolery
Didn't make the starting squad? You can still help the team - just step into a furry suit, complete with bulbous nose and feet the size of suitcases. Over 150 frustrated athletes and actors, dressed up as a myriad of crazy critters, root pro-teams to victory. Daniel Green gets inside their sizeable heads.

86 An Animated Discussion
Dilbert and Daria, Cartman and Dr. Katz: cartoons aren't just for kids any more, as we’ve seen with the recent trend of adult-oriented animated programs. From "The Simpsons" to "Futurama," TV has gone back to the drawing board. Joan Tarshis chats with those behind the trend.

92 'Big Easy' Does It
No other American city quite has the charm, the allure, the mystique of New Orleans. At times it's lascivious and ribald, while at other times staid and refined; the Big Easy has something for your every mood. Checking out this magical city's cigar shops, Chris Rose snares beads of wisdom from the locals.

110 The Joy of Mex
Home Of Cruz Real, Te-Amo, and Puros Santa Clara, Mexico is boosting its reputation as a player in the international cigar game. Dan Mickelson visits its bedazzling beaches and begrimed cities to explore Mexico's intriguing culture and rapidly improving cigars.

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