Spring 99
Volume IV
Issue 2

d e p a r t m e n t s

46 SMOKE Front
Air Jordan's pound of flesh, building your own helicopter, a saucy Aussie, Rat chat, our latest celebrity cigar reviewer and more.

54 Romeo
Wheeling and Dealing: Rick Shaw examines the history of the motor car and its role in male development ... or lack thereof.

58 Y Julieta
Point of No Return: An eye-popping, drawer-dropping trip out West leaves Ingrid Ducinanis scarred for life.

62 OP-ED: What Lew Says
Lew Rothman examines the bull and bear recent history of the cigar industry, and gives his prognosis for its future.

64 SMOKE Drink
Who says Scots don't play well with others? The Walkers mix it up to find the best partners for Scotch whisky. Plus, tasty wines for under $20.

70 SMOKE Finance
Ray Martin tests the murky international waters of investing in overseas emerging markets. Proceed with caution!

74 SMOKE Undercover
Michael Malone pays a visit to Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters for a glimpse at a day in the life of a D.E.A. Special Agent.

116 SMOKE Cigar Review
Our panel of experts sample some extraordinary figurados, robustos, and coronas, plus some big & bad 'A' sizes.

156 SMOKE Celebrity Q & A
You know her as the blustery barrister from "Ally McBeal" and the dominatrix from Payback. Lucy Liu convinces Ian Spelling she's really a nice person.

159 SMOKE Rising
A promising NFL prospect, Christopher Judge passed up gridiron glory for acting, and currently stars in "Stargate SG-1. "

160 SMOKE Auto
Winston Goodfellow fastens his seatbeIt and commandeers the hottest entries in the ground-breaking world of Sport Utility Vehicles.

166 SMOKE Fiction
Meet Duane Juarez, an angry, disturbed drifter who lives off his well-to-do little brother, Ned. Keeping an eye on Nedís place, Duane attempts to carry out his brother's one request. In the classic style of "Affliction," witness a man slowly giving way to madness. Introducing "The Ballad of Duane Juarez, " the dark, provocative short-fiction of Southern author Tom Franklin.

177 SMOKE Matchbooks
Check out cigar-friendly haunts across the U.S.

178 Blowin' SMOKE
The weather is warmer, the trees are blooming, and pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training. Bert Sugar shares stories of pre-season diamond debauchery.

179 PipeSMOKE Supplement
Viva Italia! The home of Brebbia, Savinelli, and other classic pipes, Italy holds a special allure for pipe smokers. Also, Pipeline, The Beloved Tobacco Maven, and a master tobacco blender remembers those who taught him his craft.

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