68 Rena., Redefined
Rena Mero emerged from a troubled background to become the top draw of the testosterone-fueled WWF, breaking hearts and ratings records as the sexy Sable. Then an ugly falling-out with her employers put the character on the shelf, and Rena's career at a crossroads. Now, with a new auto-biography and a hot TV series in the works, the former ring diva is telling the world that she refuses to go down for a three-count. Jeff Weinstock gets personal with the blonde beauty. Photos by Jeff Katz.

58 The Pro's Proving Ground
Not all professional athletes are multi-millionaires with mansions, expensive cars, and endorsement deals. In fact, most of them started out in the modest but competitive arena of the minor leagues. Mike Jessee talks to some of the still-struggling future stars of baseball, football, and hockey - and finds that while most still dream of becoming the next Kurt Warner or Derek Jeter, these tenacious "working class warriors" are in it simply for the love of the game.
64 The Cuban Evolution
As Cuba forges ahead into the 21st Century, two things remain constant: one is that Cuba still makes the world's most sought-after cigars, from the world's finest tobacco. The other is that the U.S. embargo, which makes those cigars illegal in this country, still holds after nearly four decades. The latter situation, some say, is ripe for change. Alyson Boxman visited the beautiful island nation for a revealing interview.
74 Wrinkled Chic
Once the look of choice for wealthy Old South plantation owners, Ivy League collegians from the '30s, and the charmingly un-hip title character of "Matlock," the classic seersucker suit has gone contemporary, offering a cool, fashionable, warm-weather alternative for the style-conscious man. Ralph DiGennaro traces the rich history of the seersucker and its journey to respectability.

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