From a kid in Brooklyn, to the entertainment director at a high-profile Las Vegas hotel, to a featured player on the most popular cable series on the planet, to the author of two best selling books (so far), Steven R. Schirripa is the definition of an American success story. But fame and fortune have not spoiled this eminently approachable actor. When he’s not portraying his character, Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri on “The Sopranos,” or keeping busy in a growing list of film roles, or on assignment for Jay Leno as a “Tonight Show” correspondent, Schirripa can often be found in a favorite neighborhood restaurant, enjoying an Italian meal and a fine cigar.
By Joan Tarshis; Cover photo by Susan Maljan


42 Vegas Is Smokin’
While other big towns are banning smoking, leave it to Sin City to defiantly roll out its neon welcome mat for cigar smokers of all ages. Whether you’re into casino resorts, top-class hotels, five-star restaurants, or über-hip bars and clubs, you’re likely to find a place you can light up with impunity.
By Richard Carleton Hacker
52 Grills Gone Wild
Red meat succulently seared on a charcoal grill is a summer rite of passage for American men in backyards across the nation. Follow these expert tips from our grilling guru - from choosing the right cut of meat, to seasoning your steaks with smoke and marinade - and assure that your next cookout truly sizzles.
By Matt Kelly
58 Hit or Myth?
Whether you’re a novice or veteran cigar smoker, you’ve probably heard some of the alleged experts holding forth: How much flavor does a wrapper gives a cigar? What really makes a white ash? Who invented the Cohiba? We delved into a dozen of the most enduring legends to discover which are myth, which are gospel, and which may never be fully answered.
By Mark Bernardo
62 Personal Puros
We’ve all seen monogrammed shirts and vanity license plates, but an increasingly popular method of flaunting one’s VIP status is handing out his own personalized brand of cigars. Seattle-based Victory Cigars has created smokes for clients as diverse as the Seattle Mariners, Pizza Hut, and the 108th Airborne - starting with hand-rolled cigars and finishing with meticulous design.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

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