50 Denis Leary: Man on Fire
Denis Leary has come a long way from filling airtime between videos on MTV in the 1980's. On the long journey to leading man status, the Massachusetts native has been a stand-up comedian (most notably, in his memorable “No Cure for Cancer” special); a featured player in movies as diverse as The Ref, Wag the Dog, and The Thomas Crown Affair; and even the voice of an animated sabretooth tiger in Ice Age. As a co-creator, writer, producer, and lead actor on the hit FX television series “Rescue Me,” Denis Leary has found his niche - one that, due to his cousin’s tragic death on 9/11 connects him to the firefighters with whom he feels a profound kinship.
By Tim Coleman
Photos by Haitem


42 Smoking by the Shore
With New Jersey politicians mulling whether to make the Garden State the next smoking ban casualty, now may be the perfect time to pay a visit to Atlantic City, where you can gamble all night, hit the beaches all day, and still enjoy a cigar while you’re doing both.
Story and photos by Glenn Haussman
56 Central American Idols
While Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic reaped the lion’s share of Boom-era hype, Honduras has produced excellent cigars in relative obscurity for decades. Led by pioneers such as Rolando Reyes, Julio Eiroa, and Nestor Plasencia; spurred by aggressive newcomers like Rocky Patel and Guillermo Rico; and energized by expansion from industry leaders General Cigar and Altadis, this Central American nation is poised for a major breakthrough.
Story and photos by Mark Bernardo
66 Bats, Balls, Victory Cigars
Cigars have been part of the lore of baseball - and a hobby of some of its most legendary players - since the dawning days of the Great American Pastime. From Babe Ruth’s Boston cigar factory to Yankee hero Tino Martinez learning the value of teamwork in his family cigar factory, to Marlins manager Jack McKeon lighting up after a World Series win, the cigar has earned its place in baseball’s history as well as its present.
By Burton Rocks
70 The Old Man and the Leaf
If you’ve ever smoked a Cuban cigar, you’ve most likely benefited from the expertise of Don Alejandro Robaina, the living legend of tobacco growing. In an exclusive interview, the 84 year-old founder of the coveted Vegas Robaina brand talks about the state of Cuban wrapper tobacco, his memories of Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong, Castro and Batista, and the secrets of producing the world’s finest tobacco.
Story and photos by Andrew Soong

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