44 Hugging it Out With Jeremy Piven
Classically trained stage actor Jeremy Piven pulls no punches in his Emmy-nominated role as the high-powered, attitude-wielding, short-tempered agent Ari Gold in the hit HBO series “Entourage.” The frenzied character was conceived specifically with Piven’s talents in mind, and he admits that, between his own 20-year acting career and living in Los Angeles, there’s no lack of inspiration for the role. But if Ari has propelled Piven into the limelight, his personal pursuits of Hinduism, yoga, and meditation belay a far more grounded reality for the 40-year-old star.
By Joe Bosso; photos by John Russo


50 Top Year for Dominican Leaf
A near-perfect balance of sun and rain during the recent growing season has yielded one of the best tobacco harvests in years in the Dominican Republic - perhaps a vintage crop in the making. It’s also a great boost to the ever-rising tide of Dominican-grown wrapper leaf, at first just experimental projects by smaller player, but now being joined by nearly every serious producer. Yields must still increase before more major Dominican puros come online, but the results so far have been encouraging. In the long drought of top-notch Dominican wrapper, the industry is finally turning the corner.
By Mark Bernardo
54 Rising Dominican Boutiques
The cigar industry in the Dominican Republic is huge - the largest in the world - and hidden among the big boys are a wealth of smaller makers that often represent a breeze of innovation. A mix of newcomers, or just new to U.S. shops, some harbor hidden gems right now, others might be tommorow’s next stars. A look at who’s who among the lesser known makers.
By Mark Bernardo
58 Chefs & Cigars
The public trend towards smoke-free restaurants betrays a long-standing affinity of many top chefs towards fine cigars. The after-dinner cigar is becoming an endangered species in the world of fine dining, and many top chefs lament the inability to accommodate cigar smokers. But for many, it still remains the perfect personal reward when winding down after a hard day in the kitchen.
Story and Photos By Richard Carleton Hacker
62 The Legacy of Zino Davidoff
For years, the late Zino Davidoff operated a cigar and tobacco shop in Geneva. A natural promoter, his shop was the destination of choice for the world’s most famous stars, personalities, adventurers, and leaders. Zino brought a whole way of thinking to the world of fine cigars, approaching their enjoyment in much the same as fine wines, from how they were handled and stored to the way their enjoyment draws people closer together and the inspirations the generate.
By E. Edward Hoyt III

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