52 Almost Innocent
From J.A.G. to "Close at Home" David James Elliot has had fans flocking to their television screens for years. Now, one of Hollywood's leading men sits down with SMOKE to share the secrets that got him from Canada to Los Angeles, where he's headed next, and which cigars get him through the day.
Story by Adam Mimeles, cover photo by Alan Silfen.


46 Smoke City: Newport Beach
Southern California: home of surf, sand, and…cigars? SMOKE City takes you to Newport Beach, Orange County, to find where to stay and where to play in what is still a hotbed of cigar culture despite California’s anti-smoking sentiment.
By Jeff Bolton
58 For the Love of Leaf
The Dominican Republic’s Emilio Reyes and his family have been producing cigar tobacco for so long that Cuban officials turned to him when they needed help solving their own fermentation issues. Now, Emilio’s cigar factory, Flor de los Reyes, is poised to finally break out in the U.S. cigar market.
Story by Dale Scott, photos by Julia Lympany
64 Hot Stuff
From a small island in the heart of Louisiana comes a hot sauce that has become a culture unto itself. Tabasco is not just a condiment: in some kitchens, it’s a staple.
By Richard Carelton Hacker
68 Shades of Gray
For the Garzaroli family, elegance is about more than a fancy hotel, a great meal, an outstanding bottle of wine, and a fine cigar. It is about all these things. Join SMOKE as we take you into the heart of the Graycliff empire that this family has built in the heart of Nassau, Bahamas.
By Laurence Forman
74 The Weekenders
For some of us, the work week ends on Friday afternoon. For the men and women of the T.A.N.G., Friday afternoon is just the beginning.
By Jeff Bolton

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