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14 Editor’s Letter
16 SMOKE Contributors
18 SMOKE Mail
20 SMOKE Front
Cigars and the Blues, a little slice of Havana, floating pumpkins, dancing dads, one cool pool, the newest cigar releases, and much, much more.
26 SMOKE Primer
From matches to torches, what you use to light your cigar says as much about you as the cigar you smoke. And the cigar you smoke can change how you light your cigar.
30 SMOKE Undercover
Equal parts science, luck, and philosophy, sport shooting has come a long way in overcoming the stigmas associated with a hobby that is taking America by storm.
34 SMOKE Drink
Go beyond the mythology and delve into the mixology as we reintroduce you to Absinthe. Once banned in the United States, the Green Fairy is back with a vengeance.
The Toraño family has been making fine cigars for decades. Bob Ashley sits down with them to find out what’s coming next, and is a return to Cuba in the cards for these tobacco icons.
44 SMOKE Essentials
Hot summer items that no cigar fan or gadget lover should be without. From pipes by Porsche to a GPS that will not only get you to your destination, but ensure that you almost never sit in traffic.
80 SMOKE Cigar Review
There’s something for everyone when our cigar panelists tackle a field of 32 cigars premium cigars from five countries, spanning a range of sizes, shapes, and strengths, and pick out their favorites.
98 Blowin' SMOKE
Ball players are interesting characters with a very unique take on life. Bert Randolph Sugar has some of the more “unique” stories about these “interesting” people.

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