48 Gervais is on the Case
Comedy renaissance man Ricky Gervais staged a meteoric rise by updating the sitcom for contemporary audiences. And now, with his full-length directorial debut The Invention of Lying, he's looking to pour some new ingredients into the stale Hollywood stew. As a celebrity he's reluctant, as an artist he takes full advantage of his creative freedom he's been allowed, and through it all, he still makes sure to find time for a good cigar.
By Evan Dashevsky, Cover photo by Olaf Heine


44 Smoke City: Providence
This New England city found revitalization in the '90s and, despite the smoking bans that followed, it also managed to find a cigar culture all its own.
By Mike Colapietro, Photos by Jeff Addonizio
52 Dominican Republic
When it comes to premium cigar sales in the U.S., no country comes close to the dominance of the Dominican Republic. But even as they celebrate cigar culture with an annual cigar festival, the well-established makers there aren't resting on their laurels.
By E. Edward Hoyt III
58 Meat and Greet
Award-winning master BBQ chef and cookbook author Adam Perry Lang shares his secrets on how to pick out the perfect cut of meat - as well as seasoning and grilling - for stellar cookout results.
By Adam Perry Lang
62 Cuba & Harleys
A photo essay exploring the curious trend of an icon of Americana that flourishes in the Havana cityscape.
By Gary Heathcott, Photos by Sergio Ramazzotti

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