Summer 1996
Volume I
Issue 3

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Chilling Out
Karyn Bryant's red not look at the Peppers, one bad-ass bunch of cigar-chomping rockers. Photograph by Jeff Katz.


Proud To Smoke American (article)
Miami's no stranger to the cigar biz, and neither is Kevin Doyle the pirate of the Caribbean. Bob Ashley checks out the increasingly famous Caribbean Cigar Factory in our continuing look at U.S. manufacturers.

Smoke Pictorial: Peace Pipes (picture)
Photographer Wesley Bernard pays tribute to Native American pipes of the Southwestern U.S.

Taking Aim at Beretta (picture)
Spanning five centuries and fifteen generations, world famous gun manufacturer Beretta is still on target. Contributor Rick Hacker aims at this heat-packing legacy.

The Road to Jalapa
Nicaragua is regaining its position as one of the world's greatest tobacco producing regions. Dan Mickelson checks out the factories and farms that are turning out world-class cigars, including a jaunt in Costa Rica.

Going Dotty (article)
The Alfred Dunhill pipe, with its signature white dot, is recognized the world over as the benchmark of tradition. Pipe devotee Alan Schwartz takes an in-depth look at the past and future of these pipes.

Tea Time (picture)
Caffeinated Tim Castle explains the many intricacies of tea, the stimulating drink for the new age.

Growing Old Gracefully
Dr. Adrian Bartoli's guide to cigar maturation explains the science behind getting your cigars to grow old gracefully.

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