94 Blonde Ambition
Ellen Barkin's film career has chugged along for the past 20 years, as she's played a variety of salty sirens and bedeviling babes in indies, blockbusters, and everything in between; from Diner to Sea of Love, then back to the diner in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Ellen adds Drop Dead Gorgeous to her dazzling body of work, a fitting title for this blonde beauty. Sharon Saks unearths her story. Photographs by Jeff Katz.
82 The Red Sox.,Cubs, & the 90 Year Itch
The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs faced off in the 1918 World Series, and neither has won the Fall Classic since. Playing in their charming old ballparks, both clubs have seen the elusive title slip through their grasp, sail over their heads, or, as Sox fans painfully recall, between their legs. The Curse of the Bambino, the Goat Curse, whatever it may be ... Greg Guss talks to the Wrigley and Fenway faithful.
88 The Swing's the Thing
You were happy to get those rare 100s in school, but alas - that same score does not indicate success on the golf course. If your usual round ends with your ball in the woods and your nine iron wrapped around a tree or in the lake, maybe a stint at golf school is what you need. Learn from the best at any one of the hundreds of golf schools across the country. Michael D’Antonio provides the missing links.

102 Surviving and Thriving
For a little while there, it seemed everyone and his Uncle Don had his own cigar brand. Now the boom is over, those guys are out of business, and the cigar Goliaths are stronger than ever. But a few of the little guys, known as "boutique brands," are still kicking. Celebrating quality over quantity, and virtue rewarded, Andy Marinkovich sparks one up with the little cigar companies that could.

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