47 The Many Faces of Joe Mantegna
After 184 movies, numerous TV appearances, and a theater career that includes a Tony Award, Joe Mantegna has built a career that has defied typecasting and defined versatility. Equally comfortable playing mobsters, cops, family men, politicians, and real-life characters of all stripes, the seasoned star of TV's "Joan of Arcadia" and the upcoming film Pontormo (not to mention the voice of "The Simpsons'" animated capo, Fat Tony, and narrator of a special-edition DVD documentary on the Fuente family) also takes time to appreciate the good things in life, including handmade cigars.
By Mark Bernardo
Photos by Chris Ameruoso


44 Chicago Loves Cigars
While New York and L.A. continue to systematically shun them, the Midwest's Windy City continues to provide a haven for defiant cigar enthusiasts. Not only does Chicago boast a wealth of smoke shops with great selections and distinctive neighborhood flair, it also offers bars, restaurants, and nightlife destinations that actually welcome your lit stogie. Favorite son Mike Ditka and civic hero Michael Jordan - cigar smokers both - would surely be proud.
By Gerry Edelman
Photos by Linda Gits and Marty Bader
52 Leaves of the Valley
As cigar makers from Santiago to Esteli know, some of the best wrapper tobacco in the world comes from the U.S., specifically from a small valley in northern Connecticut that has a longer tobacco tradition than most realize. Building on the continuing success of golden-brown shade and dark, oily broadleaf, the growers of the Connecticut River Valley have gone back to the past, reviving a spicy, century-old Havana-seed leaf that is well on its way to becoming the hottest new cigar wrapper on the market.
By Mark Bernardo
58 Cigar-Friendly Wheels
There's nothing quite like cruising down a long stretch of road while leisurely puffing on a favorite cigar. For some people in some areas, their automobile is the only place where they can truly enjoy a smoke in peace. Of course, not all cars are created equal, and some are more suitable than others for the highly personal practice of road smoking. We choose the best in three popular categories - a road-scorching sports car, a rugged Jeep, and a hybrid pick-up truck - for your driving and puffing pleasure.
By Robert Farago

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