46 Hanging with Hector
How does the grandson of a lector in a Puerto Rican cigar factory become one of the best character actors this country has ever known? Hector Elizondo knows, and heís happy to share his journey with you. Itís a trip that spans decades, going from school plays to poetry readings to dance classes, has more twists and turns than a country road and features cigars, not just as a prop, but as a lifestyle choice.
By Joe Bosso; photos by John Russo


42 Houston We Have Ignition
From big city charisma to small town charm, Houston, Texas has it all. Despite a growing anti-smoking movement this jewel of the South still has plenty of places where a cigar smoker can kick back with his favorite smoke, a nice steak and a tall glass of beer and not be thought of as a relic. With a plethora of lounges, shops and bars that cater to this vice, the cigar smoker will always have a home in Houston.
Story and photos by Jeff Bolton
52 What Are You Smoking
From Rolex watches to Fendi handbags, counterfeits can be found of almost any brand imaginable. Cigars are no different. Enter the high risk world of counterfeit cigars and learn what steps governments and private companies are taking to try and curb this growing epidemic.
By Joseph Finora; Illustration by Brian Kong
56 Turning Glass into Gold
When we get a drink at the bar we donít often pay much attention to the glass the drink comes in. For Georg Josef Riedel the glass can be as important as the drink itself. Riedel and his family have been making glasses for over 250 years and to them, the glass is part of the experience, and the experience is what life is all about.
Story and Photos By Richard Carleton Hacker
60 How to Blend a Costa Rican Golf Adventure
With courses and resorts lining its Pacific Coast, Costa Rica is turning into a haven for golf enthusiasts from around the world. At the same time, Costa Rica is developing a cigar culture all its own. Tour this rich and luxurious land; sample its golf, its vistas and most importantly, its cigars.
Story and photos by Randy Tantlinger

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