92 Lowe and Behold
Cigar enthusiast Rob Lowe is having the time of his life, as his steady stream of work, from St. Elmo's Fire to Wayne’s World, right up to Austin Powers, will attest. The new TV season sees Lowe starring in White House-based "The West Wing." Mike Hammer gets the Lowe down. Photos by Jeff Katz.
72 It's Up ... and It's Good!
The air grows cooler, the days are shorter, and various Dallas Cowboys run afoul of the law. It's football season! In Cleveland, their hearts are (Dawg) pounding again. In Denver, a man named Bubby is looked upon to fill some mighty big shoes. Are the 49ers too old? The Cardinals too young? Daniel Green gets the play-by-play, and offers his picks.
90 A Man In Full
In his white suit and hat, Avo Uvezian is the most recognizable face in the cigar industry. Avo has lived the life of many men: an Armenian born in Lebanon, he played piano for the Shah, and was exiled to New York when an Iranian princess made the mistake of falling for this common man. Avo a common man? Hardly. SMOKE brings you his tales.
86 Where's the Beef?
When we were young, we had our clubhouses - places where boys could be boys. As adults, we have steakhouses, where we can light up a cigar, drink lots of beer, tuck into an oversized porterhouse, and, well, still be boys. Venturing from coast to coast, Joan Tarshis stakes her claim to find the 10 best steakhouses in the U.S. of A.
99 No Blood., No Fowl
If the idea of stalking prey in the woods excites you, but mental pictures of Bambi pop up every time you look through the cross-hairs, perhaps shoot-ing clays is the sport for you. It's all about simulated wildlife coming at you from all angles, and Michael D’Antonio gives it his best shot.

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