74 Shannen Casts Her Spell
Shannen Doherty is used to being called a witch. The former "90210" star and notorious Hollywood bad girl of a few years ago was a tabloid fixture before leaving the teen drama -under very public circumstances - and dropping out of sight. Now, a little older, a lot wiser, and still undeniably sexy, she's taken her witch role more literally, as star (and more recently, director) of the popular WB series, "Charmed." BY MIKE HAMMER

62 Nightmare on Nanga Parbat
Thirty years ago, mountain climber Reinhold Messner and his brother Gunther decided to be the first men to ascend the Rupal Flank, the most treacherous face of the "unclimbable" Himalayan mountain of Nanga Parbat. Their historic climb would be fraught with peril, adversity, and a tragic end. BY JOE PISCATELLA
68 Connecticut Confidential
Renowned as the producer of the best cigar wrapper leaf in the world, the Connecticut River Valley is facing hard times, under siege from the ravages of nature and harsh economic realities. For the dedicated farmers of Connecticut Shade tobacco, it's a challenge they're more than ready to meet. For most of them, it's also a battle to preserve a proud heritage. BY MARK BERNARDO
80 Jaguar Changes its Stripes
Once known as the leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars for the status-conscious, the venerable Jaguar company had seen its niche chipped away by upstarts. Now, with a new focus on style and power, and a management team with an eye on the future, Jaguar looks to claw its way back to the forefront of an ultra-competitive marketplace. BY WINSTON GOODFELLOW
84 Fourty-Two Necessary Items
Lucky for you, we at SMOKE have done your holiday shopping, seeking out over 40 gift ideas, perfect for the man of today There's something here for everyone, from fine watches to the latest cigar accessories; from stylish outerwear to the newest in cutting-edge technology.
90 Let There Be Lingerie
Sometimes the best present you can give her is one that you'll appreciate as well. Shawnee Smith, "Becker's" sexy secretary, models some hot new lingerie that's sure to spark up some heat during those chilly winter nights. Three pages of the only thing that should come between you and your lady.

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