Though he's a man of many talents, most of us are familiar with Cuban-born Andy Garcia primarily because of just one: his intense, exciting acting ability, on display in movies like The Godfather, Part III (an Oscar-nominated role), The Untouchables, Internal Affairs, and Ocean's Twelve. Garcia is also an accomplished musician and music producer, and his love for the rhythms of his homeland inspired his most personal project yet: The Lost City, a haunting tale of late 1950s Havana on the brink of revolution, in which he acts, produces, directs, and even composes the score. A longtime cigar lover, he even found a place in the project for today's most famous tobacco farm.
By Aaron Sigmond;
Cover photo by Greg Gorman


56 What a Time it Was...
The last decade was an unforgettable one for the people who make, market, and enjoy premium cigars, and Smoke has been there for the highs (smoking lounges, cigar dinners, the rise of great boutique brands); lows (Monica Lewinsky, Don Nobodies, a smoking ban in Cuba?), and every milestone in between. A look back at the years that gave us all so much to remember.
By E. Edward Hoyt
60 The Global Cigar Tour
The world of cigars used to be viewed in terms of Cuba and Everywhere Else. But as the past 10 years have demonstrated, the art of making cigars and the hobby of smoking them extends more far and wide than it used to. From A to Z, a primer on the world's significant cigar sites.
By Mark Bernardo
66 Island Treasures
Cuban cigars' reputation took a beating during the overindulgent days of the 1990s boom, but the forbidden island has taken aggressive steps in recent years to step up quality control, create new brands and revitalize old ones, and combat the scourge of counterfeiting.
By Gary Heathcott and George Y. Peters
70 Cigars and all that Jazz
Arturo Sandoval fled Castro's Cuba for the States to forge an award-winning career as a jazz trumpeter. A musical icon and American success story, Sandoval, who grew up amongst tobacco farms, still appreciates a good cigar.
By Mark Bernardo
72 Passenger Puffing
Sometimes it's better to let someone else drive - especially when you're relaxing with a cigar in the sumptuous backseat of a car like the Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover Sport, or Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible.
By Robert Farago

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