46 The Powers That "B"
From romantic lead to sinister villain, from cop to brothel owner, Powers Boothe has played them all with passion, precision, and a cigar. Join this Texas native on a ride through history, his favorite roles, his favorite co-stars, and his favorite smokes all have one thing in common, they have made him the man he is today. And whatís next for this Deadwood star?
By Tim Coleman; photos by John Russo


42 Smoked Apple
New York City is home to many things; high-end shopping, great dining, world-class sports, theaters and museums galore, and one of the most aggressive smoking bans in the country. Despite that, in a city of eight million people and thousands of buildings, there are still be some great places a person can go to purchase or smoke a cigar.
Story and photos by Charles C. Schrager
52 Oh, Those Ultra Cigars!
$100 isnít too much to spend on a box of cigars, but how about on a single cigar? In a world where supply and demand dictate cost, cigars are no different. Are people buying a better cigar for their money, or just a more better brand name? Explore the world of high-end cigars, where cash is king and labels matter as much as tobacco.
Story and photos by Richard Carleton Hacker
56 Donít Tread on Us
When the state of New Jersey told them they could no longer get together in a public restaurant for their semi-annual cigar dinners, courtesy of a new state-wide smoking ban, this group of inventive cigar lovers had a choice: end a tradition that seemed to be on the verge of taking on a life of its own or take matters into their own hands and chart a new course for survival and beyond. They chose the latter, and a cigar community was born.
By Bob Ashley; Photos by Tom Stroud
60 The Great Pacific Northwest Golf Expedition
When Lewis and Clark set off to explore the western frontier all those years ago, little did they know the lands they surveyed would one day produce some of the most luxurious golf courses in the country. Augusta and Pebble Beach might get all the acclaim, but with stunning views, challenging courses, and even floating greens, the Pacific Northwest has everything a golfer could want.
Story and photos by Randy Tantlinger

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