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12 Editor’s Letter
14 SMOKE Contributors
16 SMOKE Mail
18 SMOKE Front
Montana comes to Sweden, Samuel Adams offers home-brewers the chance of a lifetime, exquisite booze year-round, how to build the perfect golf vacation, and an update of what’s new in the cigar world.
24 SMOKE Primer
Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that matters. Cigar wrapper leaves provide the first tactile clue about a cigar. From Connecticut shade to African-grown Sumatra, what’s hot in wrapper leaves and where the next great wrapper comes from.
28 SMOKE Undercover
People say everything is bigger in Texas. This includes the legend surrounding their Chili contests. Go undercover with SMOKE to discover what makes a good chili, how judges clean their palate, and why you never, ever, cook chili with beans.
32 SMOKE Drink
No longer just the drink of pirates, rum is making a comeback in a big way. We’ll show you what’s new with this sugar cane byproduct. That and we finally discover how Mai Tai’s got their name.
Manny Quesada’s name is synonymous with quality and endurance in the cigar world. He sits down with SMOKE to talk about the cigar world, Cuba, the cigar boom, where he came from, and where he’s going next.
40 SMOKE Essentials
An array of must-have items to ward off the chill of winter including a display humidor for your holiday smokes, small flashlights that pack a mighty punch, and mega-sized leather cigar cases.
64 SMOKE Cigar Review
There’s something for everyone when our cigar panelists tackle a field of 32 cigars premium cigars from five countries, spanning a range of ranges of sizes, shapes, and strengths, and pick out their out their favorites.
82 Blowin' SMOKE
With 2006 in the rear view mirror Bert Sugar takes a look back to see who said what and you won’t believe some of the quotes he found.

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