40 So Hot She Burns
Brooke Burns made a name for herself saving lives on “Baywatch.” But after a life-threatening experience in her own home, Burns is back and ready to recapture the spotlight.
By Joe Bosso, Photos by John Russo/The Brooks Institute


46 Finding Heaven
When everyone around her told her it could not be done, Heather Phillips believed it could. From the ashes of a business burned by legal and financial troubles, Heather proved that with some hard work, firm resolve, and a few angels on her side, Heaven is here to stay.
By Evan Dashevsky
50 Turning up the Heat
In the world of Rock Star Chefs like Emeril, Bobby Flay, and Rachel Ray, the television shows are the easy part. The real challenge comes when the cameras go off and the stoves turn on. From planning the menus to executing the perfect presentation, the kitchen is a constant hub of action. And where there’s action, there’s Jeff Bolton who puts his lofty amateur chef skills to the test when he stands side by side with one of today’s hottest chefs.
Story by Jeff Bolton
54 Snuffing Out Cigars
U.S. cigar makers fear that a highly contentious proposal to raise the tax on cigars by as much as 6,000 percent could threaten the very viability of an industry still populated by many small, family-owned companies—not to mention retail shops.
Story by Mike Colapietro / Photos by Lindsay Albert
56 Nothing to Joke About
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were, by all accounts, pioneers in their field and helped shape the future of stand-up not just on stage, but in movies and television as well. Behind the scenes however, the dynamic duo had real lives, and real problems. Join Abbott and Costello historian Steve Cox as he takes you on a historical, and sometimes hysterical, journey through the lives of two of this nation’s greatest funny men, what made them work, and ultimately what caused them to split apart.
By Steve Cox

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