Real Patriots Puff in Public
While many in the land of cable TV news love to stake their claim as the champion of the “the little guy,” few are willing to stand up for “the big principals,” particularly the cherished American freedom to do whatever makes us happy - as long as it doesn’t affect others. And when the freedom at issue is politically incorrect cigar smoking, it seems nobody can agree. Political commentator wunderkind Tucker Carlson tells us where we’ve gone wrong.
By Evan Dashevsky, Photos by Joshua Bayha


42 Smoke City: Indianapolis
Indianapolis has methodically crafted itself as the sports capital of the Midwest - if not the nation, and the old slander “India-no-place” no longer applies. The cigar scene in this heart-of-America city is surprisingly robust.
By Bob Ashley
54 Separating the Genuine from the Junk
In the realm of prestige products, the old mantra “buyer beware” couldn’t apply more than to Cuban cigars, and the booming shadow industry of tourist-trickery has plenty of inferior fakes to sell. Learn how to tell the imposters from the real thing... before you pull out your wallet.
By Gerry Cohen
58 Lambos in Motion
The Lamborghini may well be the sexiest vehicle to ever hit pavement, and it all started with an insult between two talented engineers. The Italian supercar that has been the cure for the mid-life crisis and the attention-deprived the world over for over four decades keeps the thrill alive.
By Jeff Bolton
62 Smoke Illustrated
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a Churchill! Smoking has always had a place in comics, but today’s alternative comics are one of few remaining places where characters can still puff freely, ever since the Comics Code threw politically correct kryptonite into the mix.
By Max Gartman

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