78 All That Yazz
From baby to babe, Yasmine Bleeth has wielded an uncanny star power her entire life. At six months old, this daughter of a Parisian model was in commercials and, at 16, she was a soap star. Next came "Baywatch," and Yasmine donned the famous red swimsuit we love so much. One of People's "50 Most Beautiful," this former lady in red can watch our bay any time. Joan Tarshis talks to Yasmine. Photos by Jeff Katz.
68 The Dukes of Hazard
Two men in a fenced-in pen. One wins, the other taps out in a plea for mercy. It's Ultimate Fighting, where the bouts aren't fixed, the moves aren't staged, and the combatants - bar brawlers, kick-boxers, and martial artists alike - never wear feather boas. It's coming to a city near you - if your local politicians will allow it. Jeff Weinstock brings his pen to the pen.
74 Indian's Summer
Indian Tabac CFO Rocky Patel has been taking it to the streets so much during the last year, combing the cigar stores of America, that he's start-ing to feel right at home on the road. A stickler for perfection, Rocky talks to SMOKE's Mike Jessee about life, travel, cigar shops, and the meticulousness required to make an Indian Tabac cigar.
84 The NBA’s "Air" Apparent
With hoops back in their hoop dreams, most have forgotten about the NBA strike of a year ago. The new season is underway, and SMOKE takes a look at what it takes to win the title. The league is full of talented young studs who desperately want to be the next Air Jordan, but it's experience that wins in this league, says Sam Silverstein. Some things to look for..
90 Fire on the Mountain
Intrepid reporter Doug Venery takes to the mountains of northern New Mexico to drink bourbon, smoke cigars, and hunt for elk ... not necessarily in that order. He started the day without a hunting story, and finished it with an epic.

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